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Q and A for uPnP Mate

  1. Does uPnP Mate run on an pure IPv6 network?

    Yes. uPnP Mate supports the UPnP Device Architecture V1.0. Devices compliant with this specification are required to self-assign IPv4 link-local IP addresses in a pure IPv6 or an otherwise unmanaged IPv4 network. Such devices are fully supported by uPnP Mate.

  2. I am not seeing any devices

    Make sure your iOS device is connected to the network via Wi-Fi and not Mobile Data. UPnP operates over a local area network, not a wide area network.

    Make sure your Wi-Fi router is not running in client isolation (also known as AP isolation, Wireless isolation, Station isolation) mode, which prevents devices on your Wi-Fi network from communicating with each other, including your iOS device.

  3. I get an error when I click on a service. The error message tells me to turn on the device, but the device is already on. What's going on?

    The error message gives the URL of the web page that uPnP Mate is failing to load. To diagnose the problem, please note down the URL and enter it into the address bar of the mobile Safari browser on your device. It the web page loads successfully on Safari, then please contact us with a description of the problem using the Contact Form. If the web page does not load properly with the mobile Safari browser, then the likely cause is a bug in the device. For example, we have a Blu-ray player that reports the wrong content-length when returning the web page, thus causing a corrupted document to be returned to uPnP Mate. In such a case, please contact the manufacturer of the device for support.

  4. I have a comment/suggestion to make

    Please contact us using the Contact Form.